White Fillings

White Fillings

White fillings blend seamlessly with your teeth, ensuring no-one will even know they are there

For many years white fillings were considered less long-lasting than traditional silver amalgam fillings. However, due to recent advances in materials, white fillings can now be used to repair most teeth. White fillings are made from glass particles, synthetic resin and a setting ingredient and have the advantage of blending seamlessly with your natural teeth so you will not need to feel self-conscious when you laugh or smile.

Here at Toothcare Dental we would not however advise replacing your silver amalgam fillings with white ones unless it is dentally required.

Benefits of white fillings
Not affected by hot and cold – white fillings are not affected by temperature change in the same way as silver amalgam fillings are. White fillings can therefore help to protect your tooth from fracture.

Not visible when you laugh and smile – White fillings can be colour matched to your natural teeth colour ensuring that they are not visible when you laugh and smile.

Not damaging to teeth – a white filling requires very little of the tooth structure to be removed, which means that more of your natural tooth is preserved. The fillings also bond directly with the tooth, strengthen and protecting.

Treatment Fee
Silver, amalgam filling £60.00
White, composite flings £100.00-£135.00