What to spread the cost of your dental treatment? Denplan allows you to budget for your dentistry with fixed monthly payments.

Our Denplan plans allow you to budget for your routine and preventive dentistry needs.

Denplan Care

Denplan care is an easy and affordable way to budget for your routine dental care. The monthly fee is based on an assessment of your current oral health and you will need to be dentally fit in order to join the plan. Denplan care covers all your routine and preventive dental treatment, including examinations, hygiene treatment, x-rays, fillings, extractions and for restorations such as crowns, bridges and dentures you will only be required to pay the laboratory fee.

Denplan Essentials

Denplan essentials allow you to spread the cost of your preventive dental treatment. For a fixed monthly fee you will receive examinations, hygiene appointments and x-rays (up to the maximum detailed in your contract). You will also receive 15% of any dental treatment you may require that is not detailed.

Denplan Care Fees 2016

Category A B C D E
Monthly cost £14.91 £22.47 £30.39 £37.58 £45.86
Weekly cost £3.44 £5.19 £7.01 £8.67 £10.58
Daily cost £0.49 £0.74 £1.00 £1.24 £1.51

Essentials Fees 2016

Category A B
Monthly cost £13.75 £21.50
Weekly cost £3.17 £4.96
Daily cost £0.45 £0.71
Category A B
Exams Per Annum 2 2
Hygiene/OHE per annum 2 4
X-Rays as required
10% discount on Private fees

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PRACTICE SUPPORT TEAM tel. 0800 328 3223/389 3892 email.
PATIENT SUPPORT TEAM tel. 0800 401 402 email.

Toothcare Dental are excited to be introducing………
Denplan to our Patients. Denplan is the most recognised dental care plan in the UK. This allows patients to manage the cost and maintain the best oral health.

The plans include:

  • Low monthly payments
  • Regular Hygiene appointments
  • Regular Dental appointments

Beneficial extras:

  • 10% off all necessary/Cosmetic treatment
  • Supplementary insurance, which includes worldwide dental injury and emergency cover
  • 24/7 access to emergency treatment

For more information on Denplan please call our reception on 01634 232204 or Ask your dentist at your next visit.