Appointment Policy

Toothcare Dental has had a high increase of patients failing to attend booked appointments or cancelling appointments without giving us the required 24 hours’ notice.

Due to the above reason, we have very carefully and thoroughly reviewed and updated our appointment policy.

Appointment Policy

When requesting to cancel an appointment we require 24 hours’ notice. If you leave a voice message on our answer phone system this will also count as giving us the required notice.

If an appointment is missed for any reason, this will count as a failed to attend appointment (FTA) and recorded in the patient record.

If any patient for any reason fails to attend 2 appointments at our practice we will unfortunately not be able to offer any more appointments to the patient. This includes parents, carers and guardians booking appointments on behalf on their children.

If any patient for any reason fails to inform us that they wish to cancel an appointment without giving us the requested 24 hours’ notice this will be recorded in the patient record as a short notice cancellation (SNC) and we will be unable to offer the patient further appointments at out practice.

This includes a combination of the two stated above.

If you would like to request any further information please email us at or alternatively write to the Practice Complaints manager at 367 Maidstone Road, Wigmore, Kent ME80HT.

We apologise if this causes you any inconvenience.